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The Indiana University Office of Business Partnerships (OBP) is the front door for industry partners seeking to cultivate strategic relationships with our faculty, researchers and students. Collaborating with industry leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, we build meaningful, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships in support of education and research across Indiana and beyond.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the front door for industry partners seeking to cultivate strategic relationships with our faculty, researchers and students. To accomplish this, we:

Support business/industry partners to connect, collaborate, and grow with the IU community.

Help our partners explore strategic partnership opportunities to connect with IU’s 93,000+ students, 8700+ faculty, and 700,000+ graduates through 7 regional campuses and 200+ research centers and institutes.

Facilitate philanthropy, strategic giving and sponsorship activities.

Build talent pipelines through recruiting and on-campus events, internship/scholarship programs collaborating with our partners.

Identify IP commercialization and licensing opportunities to drive innovation.

Provide business/industry partners with professional development and educational opportunities across all of IU’s campuses.

Our Values

  • INTEGRITY: Integrity is the ability to align our actions and words with our standard of excellence. We embody this principle with each collaboration we have with Indiana University’s faculty, staff, students, and partners.

  • SERVICE: We help faculty, staff, students, and partners to create connections in support of education, research and innovation, programs, and workforce development. We serve the entire IU system to get you to the right place quickly.

  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: We value and embody Diversity and Inclusion by fostering and upholding an environment of antiracism; honoring the value different perspectives and cultures bring to an organization; elevating actions to support diversity and inclusion; and helping to cultivate a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive learning environment for people from all backgrounds. We are committed to continual reflection and growth in how we uphold these principles as the work of equity and social justice is never done.

  • LEARNING: We create opportunities for leading-edge innovation, nurturing and amplifying thought-leaders, sharing knowledge and applying solutions that build and benefit community.

  • MAKING A DIFFERENCE: We connect with thought leaders to create solutions for 21st-century problems and create dynamic partnerships that provide local communities, the state of Indiana and our world with educational, economic, social, and cultural development

Meet the Team

Matt Krause

Valerie Gill

Associate Vice President of Business Partnerships


More About Valerie

In her role as Associate Vice President for Business Partnerships, Val provides university-wide leadership, infrastructure, and strategy to create and implement dynamic, mutually beneficial corporate partnerships. Val advises and collaborates with university colleagues to implement tactical strategies that connect business and industry partners with the resources that they need to advance their business. The office of business partnerships is designed to help partners solve business challenges, showcase their brand with university audiences, create new products or IP, explore targeted philanthropic opportunities, develop talent pipelines, and facilitate professional development opportunities for employees. Val also provides strategic oversight of the office of licensing and trademarks, which is responsible for growth and management of the university’s trademark licensing program. Val joined IU in 2008 and prior to the development of the office of business partnerships, Val held the roles of Director of Licensing and Trademarks, and Director of Sponsorships, Licensing & Trademarks. Val earned her BS from Western Michigan University.

Brandy Zamora

Brandy Zamora

Executive Director


More About Brandy

In her role as executive director, Brandy provides leadership and strategic direction to the Business Partnership development team. Brandy and the OBP team work with business partners to understand their interests and objectives and help to facilitate seamless connections across the university community, including creating networks of faculty experts, students, and university administrators from IU’s seven campuses. Brandy guides the OBP team in crafting compelling proposals and strategies to develop dynamic, mutually beneficial partnerships in support of education, strategic philanthropy, research with targeted outcomes, brand alignment, and talent pipelines. Prior to joining OBP, Brandy served as senior director of corporate engagement at IU’s Kelley School of Business where she was responsible for building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners through high-valued programs and engagement opportunities that aligned with Kelley’s mission and values, partner priorities and industry trends. She holds a BS from Indiana University and is currently pursuing an MS in Strategic Management at IU’s Kelley School of Business.
Drew Spuller

Drew Spuller

Director, Business Partnerships | jspuller@iu.edu

Industry Categories: Apparel, Consumables & Entertainment  Transportation & Hospitality

More About Drew

In his role as Director for Business Partnerships, Drew provides guidance, advice and strategy to the Business Partnerships team. He works with all departments throughout the University system to create mutually beneficial partnerships. The goal of OBP is to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial for the University, as well as the Partner in support of education, sponsorships, strategic philanthropy, brand alignment, internship opportunities and access to all those associated with the University. The industry categories that he focuses on are Apparel, Consumables & Entertainment and Transportation & Hospitality. Prior to joining OBP and Indiana University, Drew worked for the PGA of America in Palm Beach Gardens, FL working in Partnerships Management. Drew is a Bloomington, IN native and holds a B.S. from Indiana University-Bloomington.
Tara Vickers

Tara Vickers

Associate Director | tarvande@indiana.edu

Industry Categories: Information Technology, Professional Services

More About Tara

In her role as associate director, Tara leads efforts for partnership opportunities within the professional services industry category and also assists in building out corporate partner programs for many academic schools, units, and programs. She thrives on building meaningful relationships and creating symbiotic value for both the partner and the University. Tara, who has a demonstrated history of collaboration, development, and stewardship, joined IU in 2010 and has worked in a few different capacities— most recently serving as director for the IU Student Foundation. She holds a BA from Belmont University and an MA from IU’s O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs.
Clarissa Tester

Clarissa Tester

Stewardship Coordinator


More About Clarissa

Clarissa serves as the Stewardship Coordinator for the Office of Business Partnerships. In this role, she leads the corporate stewardship, grant reporting, and grant submission process to support faculty and staff as they seek and maintain corporate partnerships.

Prior to joining IU, Clarissa served in a marketing planning and proposal development role for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Clarissa has a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Indianapolis and is pursuing her M.P.A from the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI.

Karen Kirchman

Karen Kirchman

Administrative Assistant


More About Karen

Karen helps support the team and mission of the Office of Business Partnerships as the administrative assistant and all-around “answer lady”. She has supported development at IU with over a decade of service, working with the IU Foundation, the IU McKinney School of Law, and the Office of Corporate Relations. In addition to coordinating the schedules and general care of the team, she also tends to their data and research needs to help them generate meaningful impact and growth for the benefit of IU and beyond.

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