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How We Work With Business Partners

As a front-line resource for companies seeking to engage with IU, our business partnerships team can work with you to develop comprehensive, meaningful and strategic partnership opportunities in pursuit of transformative research and innovation, talent pipelines, executive education, and sponsored brand connections.

Our team works with businesses of all sizes. We strive to understand your needs and objectives, and to connect you with relevant expert faculty, students, and staff who will work together to meet your goals. Whether you are looking for answers to complex research problems, developing a new product, hiring professionals, highlighting your brand at an IU event, exploring giving opportunities, seeking professional development, or simply have a question about IU, we encourage you contact us at the Office of Business Partnerships.

We Support Business Partners By:


Cultivating strategic relationships and mission-aligned opportunities to partner with Indiana University’s 93,000+ students, 8700+ faculty, and 700,000+ graduates.

What to Expect

  • Research, innovation projects and case studies
  • Product development
  • Career services, recruitment events and career fairs
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Sponsorships and targeted philanthropy
  • Speaking engagements with academic and industry experts
  • Participation on boards & memberships
  • Other value-added academic experiences


Creating connections for research collaborations with targeted solutions.

What to Expect

Indiana University has been one of the nation’s premier research universities for 200 years, and we mark our bicentennial with a foundation of broad and deep research achievements. During those centuries, IU’s world-class researchers have driven innovation and creative initiatives that matter. From curing testicular cancer to collaborating with NASA to search for life on Mars, IU has earned its reputation as a world-class research institution. Supported by $854 million last year from our partners, IU researchers are building collaborations and uncovering new solutions that improve lives in Indiana and around the globe.

Sponsorship Support

Creating unique brand identities and strong connections through sponsored IU programs and events.

What to Expect

We seek partnerships that support and enhance our brand and yours. Where does your brand fit with Indiana University? Contact us today to learn more about sponsorship opportunities with Athletics Departments, Recreational Sports, IUAA, IUSF, or the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU).

Connect with IU Sports Properties to learn more about sponsorship opportunities with the IU Bloomington Athletic Department.

student Talent Pipelines & Recruitment

Developing talent pipelines that align with our partner’s vision and talent needs.

What to Expect

We help to develop talent pipelines that meet your hiring needs. Our Career Services units can assist with recruiting, on-campus events, and internship & mentorship programs. Partnering with IU also gives you access to the largest alumni network in the state, a tried-and-true athletics fan base, and our large pool of expert faculty and staff.


Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship at IU through IU Ventures.

What to Expect

IU Ventures is a Section 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering Indiana University faculty, alumni, and friends to support and invest in IU-affiliated innovation. Through the IU Philanthropic Venture Fund and the IU Angel Network, IU Ventures works to provide opportunities for individuals affiliated with IU to network with fellow entrepreneurs; build innovative new businesses; and support growing enterprises through donations, investments, time and talents.

Strategic Giving

Identifying opportunities for strategic giving and targeted philanthropy.

What to Expect

When you give to Indiana University, you have the power to change the world for the better. To enable a student to become the first in their family to attend college. To support life-saving research. To prepare the next generation of thoughtful, global leaders. By raising and investing funds for the university, the IU Foundation maximizes support for the IU causes you care about the most.


Creating opportunities for IP commercialization, new technologies, and licensing.

What to Expect


IU has trademark licensing agreements with over 400 companies who produce goods and services displaying IU trademarks. IU’s Licensing Program has generated over $46M in revenue, supporting student scholarships since its inception in 1986.

Partner with IU Innovation and Commercialization Office

Working together with IU experts, you can harness the power of IU innovation and put it to work for the broader community. This partnership brings IU innovation to the world by facilitating commercialization of IU discoveries.

Executive Education

Providing business/industry partners with professional development and educational opportunities across all of IU’s campuses.

What to Expect

Partner with IU 

We can help your employees reach their educational goals. Through a partnership with IU, your employees will receive benefits and support for continuing education and professional development. Learn more about partnering with IU Online.

We can work with corporate partners to create customized certificate programs for your employees. Contact us for more programs and opportunities across all IU campuses.

Participation on Boards and Memberships

What to Expect

We encourage our partners to become actively involved in leadership opportunities at IU. Learn more about joining IU boards and membership benefits. If you are looking for IU experts to sit on your company’s board, we will help you find the right candidate.
IU Faculty talking to students

Partner with us:

Indiana University Career Services

Services listed can be provided virtually

  • Strategically identify and build relationships with state, regional, national, and international employers for recruitment of university’s students and alumni.
  • Work with employers to develop marketing strategies for enhancement of employer presence on campus, including diversity recruitment.
  • Assist in coordinating on-campus recruitment to address program resources
  • Advise and counsel employers regarding the most effective strategies to identify potential job candidates such as campus recruitment, job postings, internships, career fairs, class/organization presentations, and resume searches.

Visit our Career Services website for more information.

What to Expect

Career Services provides:

  • Job posting assistance for full-time, internship, practicums and part-time job postings
  • Host career fairs
  • Coordinate on-campus interviews
  • Assist with diversity recruiting efforts
  • Schedule and coordinate information sessions
  • Arrange classroom presentations
  • Organize site visits
  • Market internships/practicums and employment opportunities via online newsletters, emails, and social media
  • Internship/practicum development consultation
  • Facilitate faculty & student organization connections
  • Connect employers to other career services offices and university partners
  • Strategize with the employers to help them achieve their recruiting goals
  • Collaborate with employers on practical learning opportunities for students such as employer involvement with case study competitions, networking events, panel discussions, and training workshops.

Interested in Collaborating with IU?

Whether you want to provide a significant investment to promote the shared values and vision of Indiana University, sponsor a single event, or fund the research and development of new innovations coming from IU’s research enterprise, we have a partnership level for you.

Young computer engineer working on a circuit board

Core Business Partners

IU Health

Major partnership with the Indiana University School of Medicine to provide patients with access to innovative treatments and therapies

Employs over 1,500 Indiana University Alumni

Invested in a research collaboration with the IU School of Medicine to enhance joint capabilities in fundamental scientific investigation, translational research and clinical trials


Partnered with the IU School of Medicine on a five-year, multi-million dollar strategic research initiative aimed at fighting autoimmune diseases

Supports AMPATH through their extensive work in Kenya by increasing employee engagement, providing medicines and care, and furthering diabetes and oncology research

Cummins logo

Invested in improving learning opportunities for low-income and minority families through its support of the Informatics: Diversity-Enhanced Workforce initiative (iDEW) at IUPUI

Coca-Cola logo

The Official Pouring Rights Partner of IU, and supporter of IU Residential Programs (RPS), Athletic Program, and the Little 500. Helped launch the Global Business Institute within the Kelley School of Business, immersing students from the Middle East and North Africa into American business practices and entrepreneurship