Four students socializing in the Wells Quad area on IU Bloomington campus

Ways to Collaborate With IU

Our team works closely with industry partners to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that advance the mission of both Industry and IU. The Office’s collaborative and coordinated approach creates the infrastructure to develop strategic partnerships focused on:

Research Collaborations with Targeted Solutions

Revenue Growth

Collaboration Networks

Sponsorships and Brand Alignment

Connections with IU Students

Continuing Education Opportunities

Developing Talent Pipelines

Targeted Philanthropy

Value-Added Benefits for Both Organizations

Engagement Opportunities


University Partners are organizations that share and promote the values and vision of Indiana University and all seven of its campuses across the state. These mutually beneficial relationships are multifaceted investments in each other’s organizations, as well as the work we are doing for the state, nation, and world.


Partners have a broad reach across an entire/multiple campuses, departments or units at Indiana University. By partnering with IU campuses and units, Partners can make a strong impact through: supporting academic programs, recruiting student talent, or investing in research activities.


Sponsors support a singular school, department, or unit at IU. As part of this sponsorship, they may financially support events, causes or initiatives throughout the year. They may receive marketing deliverables associated with the sponsorship.


Sponsor an individual event, cause, initiative, conference, or program. We will help you to identify an opportunity based on interest and objectives.


Coordinating your company’s philanthropy with other areas of engagement, such as collaborative research and student recruitment, will strengthen your brand – and your business – on campus. Our team understands that you may have different motivations for philanthropic giving that differentiate you from individual donors, and we’re here to help our partners identify strategic giving opportunities that provide a direct benefit.


Partner with our faculty members and research staff on collaborations built around your specific goals. With a strong focus on interdisciplinary and translational research, IU has supported the development of new products, services, and companies.

Empower the minds of tomorrow and help IU improve the state, nation, and world