February 15, 2021

BLOOMINGTON and INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indiana University launched a new website for the Office of Business Partnerships (partnerships.iu.edu) with the goal of managing and developing industry-academic partnerships at IU. Through its new website, the OBP team will be able to bring more collaborative opportunities for business partners and IU faculty, staff, researchers and students.

“Our business partnerships team is here to help the IU community connect with new and existing business partners, and to develop plans to guide partnership efforts and optimize outcomes. We help faculty, staff and researchers facilitate interdisciplinary and multifaceted opportunities with a strategic and coordinated approach across IU’s seven regional campuses,” said Valerie Gill, associate vice president of business partnerships. “The website is intended to showcase the impact of IU’s business partnerships, as well as serve as a resource for internal stakeholders and businesses looking to partner with IU.”

Gill and her team of industry experts will also work in close collaboration with business partners, faculty, researchers, school corporate relations offices, IU’s Office of Innovation and Commercialization, IU Ventures (formerly known as IURTC), IU Athletics, Career Services units across the campuses, and many other IU schools and units. The OBP team will lead and develop strategic partnership initiatives focused on:

·       Research collaborations, innovation projects and case studies
·       IP development and the commercialization of IU technologies
·       IU talent pipeline development
·       Executive education and other professional development opportunities
·       Brand alignment and sponsorships
·       Targeted philanthropy
·       Webinar and networking opportunities
·       Academic and industry expert speaking engagements
·       Board and membership participation

The website includes various toolkits and resources for IU faculty and staff. These resources can help IU faculty and staff navigate all the steps involved in developing corporate funding for research projects, philanthropic initiatives and sponsorship of IU events and programs.

“We are here as a resource to break down barriers to success,” Gill said. “We want to support our partners and find ways to help them grow. Whether you are looking for research insights, opportunities to align your brand with IU’s talent, professional development for your employees, new product or IP development, or simply want to know what it means to be an IU partner, let us know and we can make a real and positive impact together.”

For more information about partnership opportunities with IU, visit partnerships.iu.edu or contact obp@iu.edu.


About the IU Office of Business Partnerships

The IU Office of Business Partnerships is the front door for industry partners seeking to cultivate strategic relationships with IU faculty, researchers, and students. Collaborating with industry leaders and entrepreneurs around the world, we build meaningful, sustainable, and mutually beneficial partnerships in support of education and research across Indiana and beyond.