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Racial Justice Projects

Indiana University faculty and staff have a number of racial justice and social equity programs and research projects planned or ongoing. Broadly, we grouped these into two main categories: the resources, programs, events & talent category; and the research category. Within these categories, there are several sub-categories ranging from workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion to K-12 resources to provide resources early on to those impacted by systemic racism. Organizations like yours have the opportunity to partner with IU to build diverse talent pipelines, show compassion and partnership for our community, and drive change to build a more equitable future. Join us as we tackle the social and economic challenges to battle systemic racism.

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IUPUI approves new path to promotion and tenure for enhancing equity, inclusion and diversity

IU project aims to increase knowledge of Indiana’s history of anti-Black violence

IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI’s Rebecca Shrum and University Library’s Jere Odell are engaging with graduate students in IUPUI’s Public History Program to document Indiana’s history of anti-Black violence using Wikipedia, one of the most popular websites in the United States. 

Liu, Donaldson earn award from Racial Justice Research Fund to study biases in legal AI

Project to improve health equity in Indianapolis expands with funding from Lilly

The Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI received a five-year, $5 million grant from Eli Lilly and Co. to expand the Diabetes Impact Project, which aims to improve health equity in three Indianapolis neighborhoods where residents are predominantly people of color.

Diversifying occupational therapy through theater

IU program seeks to increase diversity of nurses in health policy and advocacy roles

With support from IU’s Racial Justice Research Fund, IU School of Nursing professor Sharron Crowder designed a program to engage Indiana’s nurses of color and prepare them for positions in health policy and advocacy.

Diversifying occupational therapy through theater

Understanding immigration, past and present

With threats against Asian Americans on the rise and an ongoing crisis at the southern border, IUPUI anthropologist Susan Hyatt is shedding light on today’s immigration challenges by studying Jewish immigrants of the early 20th century.

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Diversity, STEM education programs share in grant awards

An Indiana University Kokomo administrator and faculty member received more than $21,000 in grants from the IU Women’s Philanthropy Leadership Council

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Investment helps high school students attend IUPUI informatics diversity initiative

IUPUI’s Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce initiative helps underrepresented high school students in Indiana learn about information technology and gain career skills that are important in the field.

Resources | Programs | Events | Talent

Arts & Culture

Community / Social Change

Curriculum Development / Scholarly Work

Discussion / Perception

  • Conversation Roadblocks Sessions
  • Diversity Circles, Hosted by Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus
  • Engaging for Good: Understanding the Effectiveness of Racial Justice Communication by Brands in Social Media
  • Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Virtual Speaker Series
  • Powerful Conversations on Race: A Community Discussion Series to Help us Practice Talking about Race
  • Safe Zone Training


IT / Social Media

Medical / Public Health

Voting / Politics

  • Racism as a Constitutional Legacy: American Empire and Puerto Rico

Workforce Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Arts & Culture

  • The Black/Body Positive: Black Women, Faith, and Well-being
  • The Pandemic’s Impact on Black Arts Organizations

Criminal Justice / Re-entry / Recidivism

  • A Community Approach for Racial Justice: Decision Analytics Using Optimization and Machine Learning
  • Affirmative Action Litigation, Police Interactions, and Crime
  • Defunding the Police: Has the Social Justice Movement Decreased Police Funding?
  • Police Training Reforms and Racial Disparities in Policing Outcomes
  • Progressive Politics and Policy Setting: Examining Criminal Justice Reform Efforts by BIPOC Prosecutors
  • Racial Disparities in Drug Court Outcomes
  • To Be Young, Incarcerated, and Black: Stemming Racial Inequalities in the Juvenile Justice System through Employment Support

Cultural Trauma

Curriculum Development / Scholarly Work

Discussion / Perception



  • Access to Sustainable Urban Tree Benefits: A Statewide Assessment of Racial Equity and Urban Forest Ecosystem Services
  • Are there Inequities in Childhood Lead Exposure from Drinking Water in Indiana Public Schools?
  • Energy Justice
  • The Anthropocene Household Project

Higher - Education Student - Focused

IT / Social Media

K - 12

Medical / Public Health


Indiana University is working to combat Racial and social injustice and advance people of color

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